11th Annual Iowa City Zombie March: This year, it’s political

The 11th annual Zombie March! This year….it’s political. Can’t pass up an election year to make fun of the brain dead and zombies in DC! Come dressed as your favorite political figure!
Political Change is on the horizon! Zombies in office, out of office, trying to get in office or out of the grave are everywhere!
There year we are supporting:
Table to Table
Deafinitely Dogs – Definitely Dogs
Like usual, we start walking at 5:00…..
Show up around 3:30 to get a little make-up help, see all of the cool costumes and meet the cool people.
Need a lot of make-up help:
Professional makeup and zombie makeovers by “Nero Lugosi Studios” and “Betsey Beau Peep”
Don’t forget to tip….
This year’s sponsors are:
AnimeIowa ( http://animeiowa.com/ )
Deadwood (with Sunday Night 8:00PM Walking Dead Viewing Parties),
Critical Hits Games (In Iowa City & http://www.criticalhitgames.net/ )
Gamicon ( http://gamicon.org/index2.php )
Glassando (awesome jewelery and now with a ring design
center…in the Downtown Mall & http://www.glassando.com/ )
The Hobby Corner ( in Iowa City & http://www.thehobbycorner.net/ )
ICON (http://iowa-icon.com/icon41/index.html )
Ragstock Iowa City
Film Scene
Zombie Burger (Coming to Coralville soon!!)
Additional Prize Support by:
Marion Maid-Rite
This year we are supporting Table to Table & Deafinitely Dogs – Definitely Dogs!
After party at the Mill featuring:
1) Flannel Season!
2) Hunter Dumped us Here
3)Wylde Nept
Zombies get in free (but a suggested donation of $5 a person)
Non-Zombies have a $5 cover.
All proceeds from the afterparty go to the charities.

10th Annual Iowa City Zombie March Sept. 12th, 2015 – Mark your calendars!!

Theme: Bowlling-It’s the 10th Frame. Bring your best bowling outfit.
Charities: We will be inviting all of the of the prior local charities back for the fun. We will be having a Charity Costume Contest at the after party. The top 3 charities will split the the money raised!

Attending Charities:
Iowa City Hospice Care
East Central Iowa Autism Society
Table to Table
Red Shamrock Foundation


Critical Hit Games
Mindbridge Foundation?
Deadwood Tavern?

We will be reaching out to prior sponsors, but are always interested in new sponsors. Does anyone have a contact at any local bowling alleys?

AFTER PARTY: At The Mill?! Woot!

Hunter Dumped Us Here? @7:00

Wylde Nept@ 9:00~???


The most up to date info is on our FB Event Page, which you can find here.


9th Annual Iowa City Zombie March Headed Your Way….9/27/2014

It’s that time of year…again! This year our theme is Broadway Musicals! Start brainstorming now!

This year’s charities will be:
Main Charity: Waypoint

Waypoint provides shelter and support for women and families in crisis due to homelessness, poverty, domestic violence or sexual assault. It also provides quality, affordable child care.

Other Charities:
Iowa City Humane Society: See this here link for how you can help. http://www.johnsoncountyhumane.org/you_can_help.html

And back again, Table to Table

AFTER PARTY(with contests) is at The Mill starting at 7:00pm with a costume contest at 6:30 so those with little zombies can go home (or stay for the bands!)

Entertainment: TBA

There is a suggested $5 (or more) donation to get in, but not necessary. ALL proceeds from the door will go to  Waypoint.

The After-After Party is at the Deadwood Tavern


Most up to date info is on our FB Event Page located here.


8th Annual Iowa City Zombie March Sept. 28th, 2013 – To Infinity from Beyond

That’s right….#8….turn it on its side and you have infinity. This year’s theme is outer Space!! Think Klingons, Red Shirts, Dr. Who…. and maybe Deadwoody and Buzz Deadyear.

Where: Happy Hollow Park, Iowa City, Iowa
When: Sept. 28th at 5:00pm we shamble out of the park (but have make-up help) starting at 3:30pm until just before we leave)
Why: To help local charities. The main charity this year will be the Tanager Place. Also, as usual…Table to Table will be back…because zombies like food. Be sure to bring cash donations and/or non-perishable food items.

LNC Art will be helping us with our shirts. Be sure to check out their zombie graphic novel on Amazon….”Numb” by Ben Clayton and Manthos Lappas.

8th Annual T-Shirts will be available for a $10 donation (or more)

BioHazard Z “Mission Patches” will be available for the first 20 people who donated $5 (or more) to Table to Table. I found out last year that money goes further than food donations can because it has a wicked multiplying effect. So bring in the change from your change jar or skip a couple cups of coffee and get a cool, GLOW-IN-THE-DARK zombie patch.

Anime Iowa http://animeiowa.com/
Criticalhitgames Iowa-City
Dana Beatty: Realtivelydead@gmail.com
Daydreams Comics
Elite Photo http://www.elitephoto1.com
Gamicon http://www.gamicon.org/
Glassando http://http://www.glassando.com/
Icon http://iowa-icon.com/

Shirts this year will be featuring Zombies vs. Reapers…if all goes as planned!

AFTER PARTY(with contests) is at The Mill

Also, Alyssa Priebe, National Miss Iowa 2013 will be joining us and judging Ms. Zombie 2013 as well as Mr. Zombie 2013. Do you think you have what it takes to win.

PLUS Musical Performance by:

Wylde Nept (7:00~9:00)
Whoop Dee Duwas (9:00-11:00)

There is a suggested $5 (or more) donation to get in, but not necessary. ALL proceeds from the door will go to The Tanager Place and Table To Table.


2012 Iowa City Zombie March Update

For the 7th Annual Iowa City Zombie March our theme is Las Vegas!
Think sequins, show girls, lounge singers and Elvis impersonators!!!

Even if you don't want to be a zombie, dress up a someone living large and
come out and visit us!!!

When: October Saturday, October 6th, 2012  March starts at 5:00pm but we'll
 be there from about 3:30 to help with make-up and socialize.
Where: Happy Hollow Park in Iowa City, Iowa
Who: A wonderful collection of caring zombies and people who want to raise
some awareness and funds for local Eastern Iowa charities.  With a little
 luck, we'll also have a few other charities show up to spread some awareness
 about themselves. If you are part of such a small charity, please get ahold
 of us and we can talk about you attending. :-)
Why: To raise money and awareness for 2 local charities to that do so much in
our communities that you mayor may not know about.

2012 Two Main Charities

The first MAIN charity is the East Central Iowa Autism Society which is a
grassroots organization thatstrives to increase public awareness about the
 day-to-day issues faced by people on the spectrum, advocate for appropriate
services for individuals across the lifespan, and provide the latest information
regarding treatment, education, research and advocacy.

The second MAIN charity is going to be Table to Table.  They have been strong
supporters of our event, having attended the last 5 marches,  we want to give
something back...in a BIG way. That is why our goal is to raise over 1,000lbs of
 food donations!!! We brought it 306lbs this year, so I'm sure we can do it!!

IF we can break 2,500lbs of food donated..... I (Shawn Beatty, the organizer)
will dye my hair bright pink & cut off my pony tail!   The following people
will also dye their hair some outrageous color and/or chop off large quantities: 
If we get 5,000 pounds of food donated.... I (Shawn Beatty) will SHAVE MY HEAD 
THAT NIGHT at the after party! These fine people will also put their
hair on the line and shave their heads:
For 10,000 pounds... I will get tattoo of one of the zombie march logos we've used over the years. Who else will join me?

I hope to get more people on board for this bet.  Who will man(woman)-up to make
this zombie march bet the most outrageous ever?
This is my challenge to all of you. 

Also, you may have noticed that it will take place in October.  That is because
we are trying to avoid a home game.  I know we lost out on several attendees
because of the home game, including a troop of scouts.
Table to Table  can use the following items:

· Canned meats (Spam, corned beef, chicken, etc)
· Canned Tuna and Fish
· Peanut Butter
· Pasta (one pound boxes) or Boxed "helpers" for burger, tuna or chicken
· Rice
· Canned Fruit (preferably in lite syrup or natural juices) or canned vegetables
· Baby Formula (Enfamil with Iron)


We can also be found on Facebook.  That seems to be where the majority of participants get their information.


Lastly, find us on Facebook : ZombieMarch.org page and on Twitter.
Use the social media bar at the bottom of the page to connect with us.

The Diversity Task Force of the Fox Valley

Wow… it has been awhile since I’ve updated.  In the interim, I have joined The Diversity Task Force (TDTF).  TDTF is a group of people who want to promote diversity in our community through school presentations.

One of the members has this great quote by William Sloane Coffin, Jr. quotes which I think is so true.  “Diversity may be the hardest thing for a society to live with, and perhaps the most dangerous thing for a society to be without.

I know I have personally learned a lot from all of the diversity I’ve come across.  It is actually the diverse group of talented individuals that help out every year with the zombie march that make it so successful.  It is also the diversity of all the participants that make it a blast.   Every year I am humbled that you all show up dressed like zombies to walk through Iowa City.  It is this diversity that really, really makes all of this work. So I thank you all.

Next year’s march is going to be even better thanks to all of you.  I’ve got someone who is going to work on the after party and make it awesome.  I can say that next year’s march will end at The Mill!  So we’ll be able to eat WHILE enjoying the after party music and contests.

Although things might look slow here on this page, do check back from time to time and don’t forget to check our Facebook Page.


Zombie Ball & Kaukauna Quarantine are over….

Whew…. that was a busy few days. We had a pretty good turn out for the Zombie Ball considering it was a Thursday night and it was the first one ever. The coolest part was that John Hall & Red Shamrock got an awesome write up in the Daily Iowan. That was great.

Not to mention the cool DJs and Raw Mojo were awesome as well.

Then, two days later the Kaukauna Quarantine happend in…Kaukauna. While it wasn’t as big as we would’ve liked… we did raise $130 and got about $60 in item donations. So, not too bad. Next year will be bigger and better. Some friends of mine from Japan came in that night and were able to participate as well. You can see the blog of their experiences (in Japanese) here.


One week away from the Iowa City Zombie Masquerade Ball

I can not wait for this.   While am not the person in charge, I know the people who are and I have tried to help out as much as I can.    If you don’t really know anything about the ball, you can check out their Face Book event page.  The ball is a really cool, alcohol free fundraiser for Red Shamrock Foundation after cancer care.

Not only do you get to dance you bottom off, you get to enjoy a TON of cool music.

We have two DJs: DJ Chaircrusher and DJ Miche! One of them uses real vinyl!   (No, those are NOT big, black CDs).

Then we have Raw Mojo & Insectoid, too.   2 DJs and 2 bands for $20….. more than worth it.  All money goes to the  Red Shamrock Foundation

If that wasn’t cool enough, there is a silent auction where you can bid on some really cool jewelry from Glassando, keen t-shirts and stickers from KingZombie.com, Zombie-Themed games from Steve Jackson Games, a 4-day pass to GenCon, AUTOGRAPHED CD from Jonathan Coulton that includes Re: Your Brains…. just to name a few of the cool things.

So if you haven’t got tickets… it’s not too late.

When: Oct. 22nd, Thursday, 2011

Where: Old Brick, Downtown Iowa City

Why: To have a lot of fun & benefit Red Shamrock Foundation.

How can I find out more?   Go to the zombie ball web page located here.

See you there!


If you thought there was no more zombie action to had… you are wrong!

The Iowa City Zombie March may be over…. but not all of the zombie goodness. We raised $1,114 for Red Shamrock Foundation & Iowa City Hospice!!  Additionally we raised 306lbs of food for Table to Table.

I also found out from Bob at Table to Table or food donation history.  Check this out:

08 =   35 pounds
09 =   71 pounds
10 = 157 pounds
11=  306 pounds
        569 pounds = 428 equivalent meals (pounds/1.33 = eq. meals)


So, more about the upcoming zombie action.  I’m involved in a more local charity event to raise money and awareness for domestic abuse and violence on October 22nd in Kauakauna. (FYI: October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month).  I was asked to help Bear Spot Tattoo and other local business create an event that raises some money and that brings people into the area for something new and exciting.  It is much smaller that the I.C. March, only spanning two blocks…. but don’t let that fool you. It is going to be a lot of fun.  For more information on this event, use the social media bar at the bottom of the page to check out our Facebook fan page and look at our events… or you can just click here.

Also, on Oct. 20th… it’s the first, of many… the Iowa City Zombie Masquerade Ball. Check out their fan page for event details.  They will be raising even more money for Red Shamrock Foundation.   If all goes well, I will be in attendance as well.

Keep checking back for more details on either event or on the appropriate Facebook pages.


Great Article in the Press Citizen and awesome photos by Todd!

The Iowa City Press Citizen did an excellent article in their paper. Thank you soo much.  Also, Todd Adamson did a great photo essay of the whole event.   Thank you all for the great coverage!  That doesn’t even begin to cover all of the other people out their taking photos.

Also, as I mentioned, there were some left over shirts and stickers that will be made available online for purchase… well, kind of.  I have created a spreadsheet with what we still have.  T-shirts are still $15 (and include postage in the US) and stickers are FREE with SASE (Invitation Size – see spread sheet for dimensions) or $1 and I’ll mail them off.
Thanks again for making it a great year!!       A HUGE thank you to everyone who helped out, participated, donated or just cheered us on!  Thank you!  You guys make it possible  for me to keep planning and doing this every year!