2010 Iowa City Zombie March

The FIFTH Annual Iowa City Zombie March

When? Sept. 18th, 2010 @ 5:00 PM. Show up as early as 3:00pm for make-up help!

Where? Happy Hollow Park (ending at the Deadwood in Downtown, Iowa City)

Who are we helping? We will be helping out several local charities that will be setting up at the beginning of the march. Be sure to bring food (human or animal) or cash donations!
We will also be doing something with flood relief as well for our main charity.

Who are this year’s sponsors? So far we have several sponsors on board. They are KingZombie.com, Glassando, Relatively Dead, TalkLikeAZombie.com, LNC Art Studios.  Links to sponsors that have websites can be found in the right coloumn.

Is this is? Nope, there is more information to follow. Keep checking back.  You can also join our Facebook Group ( http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2387734137&ref=ts )

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  1. Check out this new product called Spray Blood. I found it at http://www.sprayblood.com. It’s an easy way to create gory effects on costumes like dripping blood, bullet holes and blood splatter. It can only be used on fabric (not skin) and looks easy to use. I am going to buy a can and try it out for this walk!