8th Annual Iowa City Zombie March Sept. 28th, 2013 – To Infinity from Beyond

That’s right….#8….turn it on its side and you have infinity. This year’s theme is outer Space!! Think Klingons, Red Shirts, Dr. Who…. and maybe Deadwoody and Buzz Deadyear.

Where: Happy Hollow Park, Iowa City, Iowa
When: Sept. 28th at 5:00pm we shamble out of the park (but have make-up help) starting at 3:30pm until just before we leave)
Why: To help local charities. The main charity this year will be the Tanager Place. Also, as usual…Table to Table will be back…because zombies like food. Be sure to bring cash donations and/or non-perishable food items.

LNC Art will be helping us with our shirts. Be sure to check out their zombie graphic novel on Amazon….”Numb” by Ben Clayton and Manthos Lappas.

8th Annual T-Shirts will be available for a $10 donation (or more)

BioHazard Z “Mission Patches” will be available for the first 20 people who donated $5 (or more) to Table to Table. I found out last year that money goes further than food donations can because it has a wicked multiplying effect. So bring in the change from your change jar or skip a couple cups of coffee and get a cool, GLOW-IN-THE-DARK zombie patch.

Anime Iowa http://animeiowa.com/
Criticalhitgames Iowa-City
Dana Beatty: Realtivelydead@gmail.com
Daydreams Comics
Elite Photo http://www.elitephoto1.com
Gamicon http://www.gamicon.org/
Glassando http://http://www.glassando.com/
Icon http://iowa-icon.com/

Shirts this year will be featuring Zombies vs. Reapers…if all goes as planned!

AFTER PARTY(with contests) is at The Mill

Also, Alyssa Priebe, National Miss Iowa 2013 will be joining us and judging Ms. Zombie 2013 as well as Mr. Zombie 2013. Do you think you have what it takes to win.

PLUS Musical Performance by:

Wylde Nept (7:00~9:00)
Whoop Dee Duwas (9:00-11:00)

There is a suggested $5 (or more) donation to get in, but not necessary. ALL proceeds from the door will go to The Tanager Place and Table To Table.