2012 Iowa City Zombie March Update

For the 7th Annual Iowa City Zombie March our theme is Las Vegas!
Think sequins, show girls, lounge singers and Elvis impersonators!!!

Even if you don't want to be a zombie, dress up a someone living large and
come out and visit us!!!

When: October Saturday, October 6th, 2012  March starts at 5:00pm but we'll
 be there from about 3:30 to help with make-up and socialize.
Where: Happy Hollow Park in Iowa City, Iowa
Who: A wonderful collection of caring zombies and people who want to raise
some awareness and funds for local Eastern Iowa charities.  With a little
 luck, we'll also have a few other charities show up to spread some awareness
 about themselves. If you are part of such a small charity, please get ahold
 of us and we can talk about you attending. :-)
Why: To raise money and awareness for 2 local charities to that do so much in
our communities that you mayor may not know about.

2012 Two Main Charities

The first MAIN charity is the East Central Iowa Autism Society which is a
grassroots organization thatstrives to increase public awareness about the
 day-to-day issues faced by people on the spectrum, advocate for appropriate
services for individuals across the lifespan, and provide the latest information
regarding treatment, education, research and advocacy.

The second MAIN charity is going to be Table to Table.  They have been strong
supporters of our event, having attended the last 5 marches,  we want to give
something back...in a BIG way. That is why our goal is to raise over 1,000lbs of
 food donations!!! We brought it 306lbs this year, so I'm sure we can do it!!

IF we can break 2,500lbs of food donated..... I (Shawn Beatty, the organizer)
will dye my hair bright pink & cut off my pony tail!   The following people
will also dye their hair some outrageous color and/or chop off large quantities: 
If we get 5,000 pounds of food donated.... I (Shawn Beatty) will SHAVE MY HEAD 
THAT NIGHT at the after party! These fine people will also put their
hair on the line and shave their heads:
For 10,000 pounds... I will get tattoo of one of the zombie march logos we've used over the years. Who else will join me?

I hope to get more people on board for this bet.  Who will man(woman)-up to make
this zombie march bet the most outrageous ever?
This is my challenge to all of you. 

Also, you may have noticed that it will take place in October.  That is because
we are trying to avoid a home game.  I know we lost out on several attendees
because of the home game, including a troop of scouts.
Table to Table  can use the following items:

· Canned meats (Spam, corned beef, chicken, etc)
· Canned Tuna and Fish
· Peanut Butter
· Pasta (one pound boxes) or Boxed "helpers" for burger, tuna or chicken
· Rice
· Canned Fruit (preferably in lite syrup or natural juices) or canned vegetables
· Baby Formula (Enfamil with Iron)


We can also be found on Facebook.  That seems to be where the majority of participants get their information.


Lastly, find us on Facebook : ZombieMarch.org page and on Twitter.
Use the social media bar at the bottom of the page to connect with us.