The 11th annual Zombie March! This year….it’s political. Can’t pass up an election year to make fun of the brain dead and zombies in DC! Come dressed as your favorite political figure!
Political Change is on the horizon! Zombies in office, out of office, trying to get in office or out of the grave are everywhere!
There year we are supporting:
Table to Table
Deafinitely Dogs – Definitely Dogs
Like usual, we start walking at 5:00…..
Show up around 3:30 to get a little make-up help, see all of the cool costumes and meet the cool people.
Need a lot of make-up help:
Professional makeup and zombie makeovers by “Nero Lugosi Studios” and “Betsey Beau Peep”
Don’t forget to tip….
This year’s sponsors are:
AnimeIowa ( http://animeiowa.com/ )
Deadwood (with Sunday Night 8:00PM Walking Dead Viewing Parties),
Critical Hits Games (In Iowa City & http://www.criticalhitgames.net/ )
Gamicon ( http://gamicon.org/index2.php )
Glassando (awesome jewelery and now with a ring design
center…in the Downtown Mall & http://www.glassando.com/ )
The Hobby Corner ( in Iowa City & http://www.thehobbycorner.net/ )
ICON (http://iowa-icon.com/icon41/index.html )
Ragstock Iowa City
Film Scene
Zombie Burger (Coming to Coralville soon!!)
Additional Prize Support by:
Marion Maid-Rite
This year we are supporting Table to Table & Deafinitely Dogs – Definitely Dogs!
After party at the Mill featuring:
1) Flannel Season!
2) Hunter Dumped us Here
3)Wylde Nept
Zombies get in free (but a suggested donation of $5 a person)
Non-Zombies have a $5 cover.
All proceeds from the afterparty go to the charities.

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