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Who are we? We are a group of zombie enthusiasts who are pro-living.  We are a group of diverse individuals who come together once a year to raise money and awareness for various charities.

What charities do you help? We have helped Table to Table, I.C.A.R.E., Johnson County Humane Society, Witty Kitties, Motocrycle Safety, the National Necrotizing Faciitis Foundation are among some of them.

Why zombies? Why not?  Zombies are the most diverse group out there.  While they may be mindless, they are not voiceless. Also, diversity truly is their strength… and we want to use their numbers and voice to spread the word about charities in need.

Where is this event located? This event is held every September/October in Iowa City, Iowa.   We start at the Happy Hollow Park and end up in down town Iowa City.

Do you have events or help out anywhere else? Primarily we hold are marches in Iowa City, Iowa.  However, I help out where ever I can to raise money for worthy charities.

Why did you chose Zombie March vs. a zombie walk or lurch or crawl?  

Quite simply because it implies a purpose.  Although the idead of dressing up for no-reason and walking around like a zombie is very appealing, all of our events we plan or are part of have a purpose.  The main purpose is raising awareness of the different charities in the community.  Many of them we don’t really know much about until we need them.  And typically when we need them, we needed to know about them yesterday. If we raise monetary or non-monetary donations, that is a bonus.

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  1. Hi I would like to speak to Shawn beatty sorry if I miss spelled his name hi I have got my hands on very special and vital info I really would like to speak to him and who ever is interested please email me immediately

  2. I’d like to talk with you about cross promoting your Zombie March with my Rotary’s Zombie Prom in Cedar Rapids. It seems we could both increase participation by helping each other out…

  3. Hello folks, my name is Bill Bullock and I am a freelance Still Photographer based in Iowa City. I also work for the University of Iowa as Videographer/Photographer. I grabbed a couple of quick shots of the Zombie March yesterday and I would love to send them to you. Could you please provide me with your email to do so. A fine event by the way.


  4. Hi!
    Sorry…I just saw your message. I can be contacted at theking@zombiemarch.org directly.


  5. Email me at the above link.